The Square Donut

Lauren’s debut novel
Published 2017



​“Sugar?” One question, one word, sweeps Toby Renfrew onto love’s uncharted path when a hitchhiker named Carolina plants her skinny butt at the donut counter and orders up a jelly-filled.

Graduating a year early with the Best from Hell to Heaven Class of ’77, seventeen-year-old Toby thought she was sentenced to a tediously dull life slinging donuts at her family’s shop, The Precinct Donut Emporium.

But when Carolina shows up with all of her cool intensity and sets up a pup tent on the Lake Erie shore just two short blocks away, Toby starts rethinking life in “Dishrag,” Ohio.

Just as she is finding her place in the world, the homophobic local cop goes on a rampage, and Carolina heads for home to face her demons, leaving Toby with a decision to make—is she brave enough to claim her love?