Lauren’s debut CD “Makin Honey”

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Often Preposterous Sporadically Serious Ever Curious Entertainment

Writing. Singing. Playing.

That sort of thing …

Songs include humor, imagination and puckish wit. (Sez?) Best if consumed immediately and often. Better yet when shared with friends and/or strangers. Goes well with rotisserie wieners and boxed wine. Music liked by farm animals. Zoo captives, not so much. Don’t know why. Could be maybe zoo residents feel cooped up. Farm animals can run away. Just guessing.

More about Me

I Can Be Bought.

I am a novelist, recuperating advertising copywriter, disinterested housekeeper, accumulator of Jocko the monkey hand puppets, and gulper of green tea. I am a seeker of tall trees, thick woods, birds, butterflies, rushing water, gentle breezes, high winds, silence, a good campfire and 90% cacao bars. Once I posed for a picture in my bathrobe for no apparent reason. I am a songwriting singer who can be ready with a little notice to do a mega world tour, play large stadiums, huge festivals, college theaters, house concerts, or coffee houses with loud expresso machines and three customers who are paying little or no attention. I like to play and sing my songs. I am for hire. Feel free to contact me and we can communicate–like talk or email back and forth. We probably won’t write letters that go through the mail because that takes too long. And because, no offense to the U.S. Postal Service, sometimes things get lost.